What Love is Like

by Gailstrail on November 20, 2014

Love is like taking time to feel your body and giving it what it needs. Love is like taking time to know yourself. Love is like taking time to know your environment and the inhabitants that dwell within. Love is like taking time to understand everything. I caught myself counting numbers and not feeling, I stopped right away.


The Power and Politics Behind What We Eat

by Gailstrail on November 12, 2014


The more I read about pet food; the more I learn about human food and how the two are connected; which in turn brings me to the power and politics behind what we eat…and, more importantly three simple things you and I can do to make positive  changes! 

This story does not have a pretty beginning and is scary…however, I’ve fond that facing my fear does something amazing; I find myself feeling confident and strong. I love this kind of experience and keep coming back for more! So hang onto your hat and join me in facing some ugly and distasteful things that go on with our food. Think of it as ‘life and death’! And, we get be the hero of the story.

Ever wonder where dead animals go? Probably not. I didn’t until I started looking at why some pet foods were being recalled. I decided to be brave and go deep into the ‘why’. Don’t bury your head. We can get through this together and I promise there is a ray of hope at the end.

The classified ad read:

Help Wanted: person to operate bobcat mini-dozer; loading ‘raw material’ into a 10-foot-deep stainless-steel pit; operate giant auger-grinder.

Looking for work? Does this sound like your kind of job? You discover at the bottom of this ‘stainless-steel pit, a giant auger-grinder begins to turn and you hear popping bones and squeezing flesh. This is a gruesome nightmare! Who does this kind of job? I’ve been trying to find out the job title for the person who does this job. In one recent article I read these jobs are held by: Bandanna-masked men; undocumented workers from Mexico doing a dirty job that no one else wants to do. I wonder where these jobs are, what kind of pay …and where these ‘raw materials’ come from.

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The Most Fascinating and Fantastic Machine in Existence: Invisible in Education

May 14, 2014

Tweet What is this ‘machine’? Any guesses? Hang on to your hat. It’s not what you think. The mechanization of the ‘human body’ sounds cold and calculated to me; which I am not. I don’t like referring to my body as a machine. Nor does my Tai Chi Master. However, much of the scientific world […]

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What’s Nipping at Your Heals?

December 6, 2013

Tweet There’s so many different things that can be nipping at our heals. For me, it’s animals on the run, furry little beasts that share my home, a friend with cancer, another friend who says I should write a book, Tai Chi, holidays, and how to juggle it all. It’s 5 degrees. My terrier is […]

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Understanding Climate, Catastrophic Consequences and Changes

November 25, 2013

Tweet Climate seems like such a complicated issue…or do we make it so simply to keep from taking the appropriate steps to correct our behavior. Catastrophic consequences to humanities bad choices is leaving the worlds population with options we would rather not consider. However, we must not only consider, we must act now! “Climate is […]

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Americans Just Wanta Have Fun!

August 1, 2013

“The American public does not want to be uplifted, ennobled–it wants to be amused.” – Alice Dunbar-Nelson
Alice and I have much in common. She knew what many of us are aware of…I wonder what she would think if she were here today?

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A Planet of Super Beings

June 21, 2013

Tweet I went to many different churches when I was a young girl. My mother encouraged me to explore them all. Who was this Jesus Christ they were talking about?  All the churches agreed he was an extraordinary and  wonderful human being. I wanted to believe what they said.  However, truth be known, I followed the […]

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Your Planet Needs You: 20 Things You Can Do

April 3, 2013

Tweet In Colorado Springs, CO I have a good friend who forwarded me an email about the Springs Sustainability Snapshot Contest, which is brought to us by the Colorado Springs Office of Innovation and Sustainability. Does your city have an office of Innovation and Sustainability? If you live in Colorado Springs, you’re gonna want to know about this. If […]

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Same Sex Marriage: To Be or Not to Be

March 24, 2013

Tweet An historical moment in our history is about to occur this week. We are moving towards including the homosexual segment of our population. The Supreme Court is about to decide if Same Sex Marriage is a constitutional right; if same-sex marriage a class of people being discriminated against? Should same-sex marriage be judged the same as […]

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Ineffable Hunger: A Driving Force for Discovery

December 2, 2012

Tweet I listened as the teacher said to the young boy. “We each have a destiny; fulfilling this destiny is our purpose.” Do you understand what this teacher meant? Are you on the road to fulfilling your destiny? Or, has the road become dark and your path uncertain? Have you reached what seems to be […]

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