IMG_20150901_185742Minuscule Mortals

by: Gail Black, September 1, 2015

Clocks are ticking.
Galaxies swirling around.
Minuscule mortals.
Stomping around.
Like we know where we’re going.

Lost Love

You come to me in dreams…still after all these years.
Sifting through my mind like fine grains of sand.
Laughter splatters lightly and the years melt away.
Come near my dear.
We are here now.
See all I dream.
Don Juan DeMarco…”Have you really ever loved a woman?”
Snow falling is falling smooth as silk.
Crackling firelight on a winter night.
Warmness rediscovered.
What is this darkness?
Where was the dream?
You were here and now you’re not!

The Last Dance

There is a light, a space without definition.
From somewhere a voice beckons.
Pressing forward, a path, a journey.
A step gives definition.
Spirit and being become one.
Power discovered, inhale, we are the eternal light.
Deep seeded yearning driven to blossom.
Flourish and spring fourth.
Language unspoken.
Eternal dance.
Divine nature.

Space Odyssey Virtuosity

Who is making judgment calls?
After all is said and done.
Who’s making the ‘judgement calls’?
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
After all, who’s on call?
Find your footprints in the sand…after all you’ll never fall.
Your’re a shooting star. That’s what you are.
Ionic and bionics.
Atoms chasing round.
Draw a picture?
Have you looked into the mirror…lately?

High Velocity Voice

To my mother who always knew best!
My voice is magic.
Striking the page like lightning longing for a place to rest.
Traveling at high velocity on a blanket of liquid and gases.
Bouncing through the universe spreading human frailty and strength.
Trickling off an asteroid like tears falling from my cheek.
An invisible energy force reaching to infinity and back.
Me, I’m parked on Earth…
gravity pulling at my heels and heaven at my heart.
A Thief’s Dilemma

Life does not click-clack down the railroad track.
Life comes together and comes apart.
There is a feeling that comes over me when realizing exactly what I must do —
A surge of power fills me; quick like a helium filled balloon let loose.
The power jumps in sharply and the burning in my eyes tells me it’s true.
Letting go…a constant state, a thief’s dilemma.

– Gail Black, July 25, 1985

Ode to Jane Grissmer – acupuncturist in Washington, D.C.

You pricked me lightly
My sensitivity keen
And in a short while
I felt a shift in my being
Moving me profusely
Linking with the ages
Thousands of centuries
Fragmented pieces
Gathering together
Joining in the testimonial procession
 – Gail Black, June 1984


Brigitte – September 1982, a close friend from Germany.

Ever tried to watch a flower bloom?

You never see it move.

We are as flowers in a garden
A blossom blooming without notice.
You came, gently touching
You saw pedals with dew
A blossom crying on its way to bloom
Silent tears hidden by the breeze or a rain drop
Unheard by the casual passer by
 – Gail Black, 

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