Dealing with Identity and Credit Card Theft

Locking up your identityI wrote my first draft for this post on a yellow pad. Sometimes I like to write on a yellow pad with long and broad stokes; much like a painter would enjoy a large canvas.Telling this story needs broad strokes; I need to find room between the lines to identify my emotions.

All my identifying documents, bank card and my wallet were stolen from my car while parked at a wilderness trail head; almost $2000.00 was spent by the villains in less than two hours.


Pieper (my golden retreiver) and I were parked at the trail head of Stratton Open Space, hiking on Cheyenne Mountain. It was Pieper’s birthday (she just turned four) and I promised her a hike and a swim and after a trip to the doggie store for a toy and a bone. I love this girl.

The hike was wonderful. There was cloud cover and it looked like rain. Not at all what the weather person predicted (90 degrees and hot). The forest was lush and green and a light breeze played in the tree tops. Pieper went swimming and we ran into an old friend and continued hiking with her and her three canines. After about two hours we returned to the parking lot.

The Beast

I unlocked the car and noticed the glove compartment open and items scattered onto the seat and floor; then I notice my wallet and other items missing. I let my friend know, she said she would go home (she lives near by) and call me back with my bank phone number. I called the police to report the incident and was told if I have computer access to make the report on line and that I didn’t have to stay at the scene; they would send a patrolman to my house later.

On the way home I called my bank and canceled my debit card. When I got home I checked my account and the thieves had spent over eighteen hundred dollars at Target and Circuit City in two hours.

Panic and Fear

Directly after I felt shock; the process of canceling all my bank accounts brought anger and I pounded my fist on my desk while on hold with my bank; this caused something to come loose on my DSL connection and disconnected my Skype phone connection with my bank, fueling the fire of anger and frustration! Plus, I’d used up my cell phone minutes; Panic set in: I had no communication; and who knows who is out there, knows I’m a senior woman; where I live; and has my house keys!

Friends are Gifts of Light!

Luckily I’d gotten off calls to a couple of friends before my communication lines were dead and friends were at my door in less than an hour after I left a voice mail. They took me to the grocery; bought me a new lock for my door; installed it; and got my DSL and Skype up and running. I feel safe.

The Day After

It’s the day after. I’m sitting outside writing with broad strokes on a yellow pad and trying to sort out my feelings about the incident. The sound of water is soothing as it lightly sprinkles onto a couple of pine trees. The heat of the day is melting away as the clouds filter the suns rays; I’m drinking a water mixed with juice and vitamin c, it’s just what my nutritionist would order. Birds are chirping, feeding and watering at my tiny oasis. I’m feeling some peace as I sit and ponder forgiving the thieves who stole from me.


Writing about this incident helps me to understand humanity and our weaknesses. I want so much to keep inocense alive; to believe in truth and trust. With each passing day I fell less anger and frustration. I know without forgiveness, peace can not enter my heart. I will find a trail to forgiveness; I can not live without peace in my heart!


  • People are desperate
  • Do not leave your windows cracked
  • Make copies of all the documents in your wallet
  • Nurture your friends
  • Have good insurance
  • Forgive

Happy, Safe and Forgiving Trails!

8 thoughts on “Dealing with Identity and Credit Card Theft

  1. I find theft to be the lowest, and most unforgivable crime. Circuit City? Obviously they were not in need of groceries to feed their families!

    And, whether they were 12, 20 or 120, they knew exactly what kind of pain and irritation they were inflicting by taking Identification!

    I do understand your desire to forgive, and I would do the same. But hopfully they will not be able to forgive themselves.

    I suppose it is possible they bought things to sell for cash for drugs! If so, I hope God does show them the error of their ways very soon. These are very difficult times for everyone.

  2. Dody, thanks so much for taking time to comment. I do understand where you are coming from. I bounce back and forth between anger, irritation and disgust with the person/persons who did this. It will take awhile for me to find the forgiveness I seek.

    Thanks again

  3. This is a bad place we live we we cannot trust anyone,because I got a letter in the mail in June 9 2008 you owe AT&T 897.74 .From CCA collection agency saying I order a business Line over the internet.They knew it was not mine but it is own my credit because they used my ss# had my email address and other information.You have to do so much to get this mess fixed and you say to your self ,If I had not Traded my car in this would not have happen to use.This trail lead me down a long road, I Know where the Phone went after four calls back to the CCA Service they gave me the number and address where it went.The report has been done everything own my end, but no one has been charged with it yet ?My credit is all mess up over it. I dont know if they got anything else or not .I now have Life lock and ever thing else on me A little late , but what a mess when a person in there seventy you think at that age you could trust,Thats where the trail stop And now I have to wait and see if it was him or not or some one living at the address with him.Alway ask the person with your info for it back and never say s any info out loud with anyone stand next to you .My husband use his credit cards all time, but that is very bad because his info was stole in 2004 when we where moving to Milwaukee we Rent a room and he keep our info and sold it ,they charged seven thousand on it.They charge ten thousand at Home Depot but they would not let them charge it, American Express call us,Thank God because I had Insurance to cover it.I could go on so you have a good day ! MaggieMaeTexas

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  5. Thoughtless, unconnected people, and just plain greed. We must all sleep with our choices. Some of us will end up with dirty sheets and lumpy pillows. Others will be blessed with the soft, 800 thread counts of great friends and a satisfied soul.

  6. Pam, you are absolutely correct. I just came back from a walk in the fields behind my house; ATVs’ and 4Wheelers have left huge footprints and littered the land irresponsibly. I walk by and shake my head and am reminded of the ‘unconsciousness’ we have indoctrinated into the masses. Have you watched ‘The Happiness Machine’? If not, it is a MUST see. I’ve got the first installment video on my FaceBook site:

    Thanks for taking time to read my story.

    Happy Trails, Gail

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