Journeys With My Canine

Wilderness in Rocky Mountains


One evening, I went on a tiny journey with my canine Pieper: We ‘howled’ together and I watched as Pieper transformed. Her eyes got this untamed wildness in them. How exciting to see and hear the wildness in her. I felt pretty wild myself and wonder about this wildness. What does ‘wildness’ mean? Mariam Webster says to be ‘wild’ is: uncontrolled, unruly, stormy, fantastic, sensational and barbaric.


Hmm, I do understand Webster’s perspective; however, what lurks in the ‘wild’ sometimes defies definition. I read about a cat named Oscar in a Providence, R.I. nursing home that has a sixth sense: Oscar can predict when a resident is about to pass away. Pets have extraordinary healing power. Our canines have the ability to know when someone is sick or dying, they sense our emotions. These areas of the ‘wild’ are more difficult to measure and define. I believe we have only scratched the surface of the secrets animals and nature hold.


Something came over me in that ‘howling moment’ with Pieper. I experienced an unusual connection; I felt we were as one in the universe. This isn’t the first time I’ve howled, just the first time I’ve talked about doing so. Try it; it’s an exhilarating experience and is sure to bring laughter and an insight not often experienced.


I’ve come to realize that if I want to write about what makes a dog happy, I need to watch and listen more closely to what influences Pieper’s behavior. One of Pieper’s most favorite games is fetching a ball. Fetching is the easy part. The game really begins when she brings the ball back. She lays it in front of me, as if she wants me to take it. Then, when I reach for it she quickly picks it up. I’ve decided this is dominance behavior. It’s her way of having control. Which is contrary to the norm. I’m usually the one in control and Alpha.

The story does not end here. understanding 130,000 years of human and dog relationship takes more than a few blog posts.

Step into the wild! Stay tuned!

Best FriendsHappy Trails!

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