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Basking in the Shadow: Humanity Last of the Fossil Creatures

The title for this post was inspired by Caroline Myss, and the post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about my six year old friend and his niece; which led me to call another friend in Michigan; which got us on the subject of Caroline Myss and her book/YouTube video ‘Defying Gravity’.

After I got off the phone with Lynn, I went to YouTube and began watching Defying Gravity London 2009. I feel such a kinship with Caroline Myss. She confirms everything I knew from my very beginning; we are born with everything we need; but let our minds overrule our ‘grace’.

So, when I go to pick up my friend’s six year old daughter from Montessori school and ask, ‘what did you learn today?’ She says, “Nothing, I already know everything”. As strange as it may seem, I understand her answer. I remember knowing everything as well; astroplaning for example; I did it on a daily basis as a child. There were other things I knew; however, school ignored those things. Our society did not cultivate or acknowledge what we are born with; we fall way short on our development of the powers we are born with and the powerful beings we are meant to be.

As our Fossil Wars march on; and species after species become extinct; and the crumbling and burning earth becomes less and less inhabitable; and with every last molecule facing extinction; can we finally admit that our minds can not perform the healing we so desperately want?

“Either we all make it through ‘the eye of the needle’ or none of us do”.  “Humanity has to turn to ‘resources that our minds can not access’ in order to transform.” – Caroline Myss, Defying Gravity, London 2009

The ‘precision with which we have become dis functional’ is horrific! And that we are conscious and addicted to this dis functionality is even more horrific! Caroline Myss poses the questions:

“What will we use to maneuver or manipulate everybody if we are not dysfunctional? What will I use if I’m whole? The idea of becoming functional is the most frightening thing you’ve ever come across! I just don’t know about this functional stuff; what will I use if I’m whole?  Oops, there goes my weakness; I want be able to maneuver or manipulate; there goes my temper; there goes everything; I might have to go to work. Holy Christ! What will I do?”

Personally, I feel somewhat enlightened. What does that mean? Well, it’s kind of like having one foot asleep and a hip out of whack. Almost whole, but not all together yet. I want to be ‘whole’. I really, really want it. But the work to get there seems so daunting. Darn it. I have to pay attention to what I’m doing every minute of every day. Who wants to do that? I’m just like everyone else at times, I want a break; and all I want to do is have fun! I have to learn to listen to those who can lead me out of the shadow. Admit that I’ve lost much of what I knew and have to learn it all over…and that healing myself as well as the planet is a ‘daunting’ task! That I really, really, really have to want it!

“To challenge the shadow that hangs over us, you have to have a soul that can defy gravity; because your mind can’t do it!'” – Caroline Myss, Defying Gravity, London 2009

How do I get one of those? A soul that can defy gravity.

“Relying on your mind as an asset to help you heal, when in fact your mind is what needs healing; is preposterous; when the mind itself is part of the toxic waste dump; and then to turn to your mind as the instrument through which you intend to heal, when in itself is damaged goods. No, no, no, no no. Cause your mind will work to preserve it’s own woundedness. You have to go in through another door. And that other door is the door of Grace. You have to go in through a much deeper door. You need a quality of help and assistance, you need to really want to get out of your addiction to the shadow. You need to really want to become empowered in a way that is truly transformational! You need to want to transform.”

Okay, I’m psyched! I don’t have to go an organize and do a lot of research; Caroline’s got it all on tape; video, book, cassette. There is no excuse. I really, really want ‘a soul that can defy gravity’ and I’m determined to get out of my head and into the door of ‘grace’. I will get there. I know that Caroline Myss is not the only one out there saying these things…however, I very much like her delivery. No nonsense and straight to the point.

This is really exciting. If enough people had a ‘soul that can defy gravity’; if enough people got this all at once; and opened the door of grace; then ‘this world could transform in the blink of an eye!

I’m just on tape five; there are 27. Gotta go now. Stay tuned, and

Happy Graceful Trails

Tragedy Befalling Our Nations Wild Horses

"A Mother's Love" (Elyse Gardner 2009)
"A Mother's Love" (Elyse Gardner 2009)

Perhaps I have too tender a heart; my eyes burn and my heart aches so much that I have to take a few minutes to let the overwhelming tragedy befalling our nations wild horses reseed before I can continue.

“This week’s “gather” of some 2,500 wild horses from Nevada’s Calico Mountains marked the Bureau of Land Managements latest bungle to “balance natural resources.”

“If you could look closely into the eyes of the horses – corralled in a subzero chill and bathed in sweat that freezes to their hide – you see terror. With eyes bulging, they blow steam from their noses that hangs in the frigid air. These are traumatized animals who do not quickly settle, as BLM misleadingly tells the public.”  – Kinship Circle

Some say the wild horse is no longer automatically considered deserving of extensive protection; some environmentalists and scientists have come to see the mustangs as bullies, invaders who disturb the habitats of endangered tortoises and desert birds. In a 2006 article in Audubon magazine, wild horses lost their poetry and were reduced to “feral equids.”

The Bureau of Land Management’s quest to ‘balance our natural resources’ (these beautiful horses) is bringing horrific consequences to them. After reading the story first in the Kinship Circle, then in the New York Times and their similar story ‘On Mustang Range, a Battle on Thinning the Herd’ I’ve been possessed by wild horses. I’ve called President Obama, Vice President Biden, the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, as well as sending letters, conveying my deep concern for what’s happening to one of our most precious national treasures – wild horses. The message I left urged them to establish a committee of environmentalist, animal scientist, animal welfare advocates, ranchers and anyone else who desires to see a better solution to the Bureau of Land Management’s current approach to ‘managing our resources’!

Wild horses comprise a minute fraction of grazing animals on public lands, where they are outnumbered by cattle at least 200 to 1. The 1971 Act states that, in a given area, a certain amount of vegetation may be eaten as forage. Only when that amount is exceeded are there too many animals. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has overwhelmingly favored cattle in setting “appropriate” wild horse population levels, resulting in indiscriminate removal of horses and burros from public lands. From over 2 million in 1900, our wild horse population has dwindled to less than 25,000. For more information, please check the numbers.

“The battle for our wild horses will be won in the court of public opinion: the government needs to face a sustained public outcry over its wild horse management practices. Did you know that Congress counts each letter received as the opinion of ten people” – The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC)

Please take ACTION. The AWHPC has a list of suggestions to help keep up the noise and spread the word.