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Environmental Dreams and the Tax Man

Finding Our Space in Time

I’m watching ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ for the second or third time. The timelessness of the film brings thoughts of my mother and our life together.

As I watch the film, I’m hoping my mother and dad had laughter…strong and loud; just as Robert and Francisca did during the kitchen dinner scene, that first day. I hope they had the kind of passion Francisca and Robert experienced: The kind that takes your breath away!

Every Minute of Every Day

What is the Passion that takes my breath away? How will I meet and fulfill my passion? As my ‘day job’ comes to an end…Isn’t it amazing how we just skip over the words ‘day job’. Surely, you’ve thought about how much time your ‘day job’ takes away from fulfilling your dreams? Did you know there are eighty seven hundred and thirty (8,736) six hours in a year? I spend 2,580 waking hours a year going to and from and at my ‘day job’. I spend approximately 2,912 hours sleeping; which has left me with 3,874 waking hours to do with what I want. Precious hours to fulfill my dreams! How exciting to think soon I can do what I want with every minute of every day!

estherhicks-video.jpgDefining Who We Are

How I spend every hour of each day defines who I am and is relevant. Do we ever disconnect from our dreams? No. If you think that you do; you are incorrect. Our dreams are as much apart of us as an arm or a leg. Disconnection is futile. It can not be done. Do you think trying to disconnect from your dreams has anything to do with disease and dying; for yourself or the planet? What do you think? Trying to disconnect from what we really want to do and be is like trying to swim up stream…you will wear yourself out; become weak and drown.

polar-bear-dog-7.JPGLiving the Dream

My dream is that our development stops creeping in on wildlife. My dream is that we continually expand spaces that acknowledge our inter-connectedness with nature and wildlife. My dream is for spaces that celebrate this connectedness; exciting and joyful places; places were bird songs, babbling brooks and the winds through the trees supply much of the entertainment we crave.

My dream is that the Office of Economic Development and Public Finance offer environmental incentives that have an extremely high tax break for people and business that want to move here and NOT drain our resources; wildlife and natural habitats. Wildlife does not understand the ‘concrete jungle’ that keeps crumbling the land.

Happy Environmental Trails

Animals: Second Class Victims of Foreclosures

Animals Left Behind

In April 2007, there were 147,708 U.S. foreclosure filings–default notices, auction sale notices and bank repossessions, according to RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure marketplace based in Irvine, California.

Today nearly 2.2 million Americans may lose their homes. As these families struggle to survive and find rentals and housing they are faced with options that are heart wrenching…they can not always keep their fury family members. As a result, these animals are left behind. The suffering these animals endure is heart breaking. The foreclosure crisis makes these animals a ‘second class of victims n the national economy’.

Heart Wrenching Struggle

I had never thought or made a connection between Real Estate Foreclosures and animals until saw the television news recently. The conditions and situations revealed are heat breaking and impossible to imagine.

As people struggle to keep their homes; animals sometimes go to the bottom of their list. Then, these foreclosure homes house starvation, disease and death for many animals. The trauma that people and animals go though during this stressful time is horrendous.

There are not enough homes for all the lost, homeless and abandoned animals–and when homes can not be found they are euthanized to make room for other lost, homeless and abandoned animals.


There are resources for pet owners facing foreclosures: If you are someone you know is unable to care for their animals; call a shelter such as the Best friends Animal Society. Doing so can elimante the unnecessary suffering for an animal.

Spaying or neutering may be the kindest thing you can do for your animal friend. Spay/USA is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay and neuter services with a hot line (1-800-248-SPAY). Surgery at one of the clinics in the network averages $50, about half of the average cost in a vet’s office.

successdthumbnail.jpgMay all your trails be happy!