Ineffable Hunger: Starving for Purpose

There is an ineffable hunger in each of us that food just doesn’t reach. Yet we keep stuffing ourselves: we live in a nation of obesity; 32% of United States children are overweight; 60% of the Australia population is overweight; making the Aussies the number one obese country and the U.S. a close second.

Starving for Purpose

Why do we eat and eat and never seem to fill our hunger? My answer may be a bit hard to swallow. I believe the human species, with our ability to think, has an inexplicable purpose. How can the unexplainable be explained? How can the indescribable be described? What does purpose have to do with starving?

Wolves On The Run

I believe we are ‘Starving for Purpose’; looking for any and all morsels of food to fill this emptiness. The answer to this ‘ineffable hunger’, came to me in the early morning hours. I lay unable to sleep; images of wolves running through the tundra of Alaska to escape aerial hunters kept filling my mind. How can I stop the images? The cruelty?How can a woman, the Governor of Alaska, condemn these angel beasts to die?

Then my mind is filled with images of wild horses being killed and slaughtered to make room for more beef cattle; the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) believes this is necessary; as if we need more burgers!

What Kind of Stewardship

are these people practicing? Then it came to me; what this ‘inexplicable purpose’ might be. Have you guessed yet? Or, are you satisfied to keep chomping on that whopper? If not, try and swallow this:

Until each human being accepts our number one purpose in life as a ‘steward to the planet and all its inhabitants’ we will never be able to satisfy our hunger!

Ok, so you think Sara Palin is performing a great job as a steward to the planet. She’s done her research about the wolves and caribou and believes that having hunters kill wolves from a plane and chop off their front legs to receive a bounty for performing the job is good stewardship.

Lazy and Inhumane

This practice is NOT GOOD STEWARDSHIP! It’s a lazy and inhumane way of dealing with what the governor and hunters believe to be the answer to wolves killing too many caribou. I believe there is a more humane and sensible answer to what Mrs.Palin perceives as a problem. If it truly is a problem. As a steward to the planet, I need to present an alternative perspective. I must to do something or I’ll never find a way to satisfy my hunger and sleep soundly.

Stepping Up To The Plate

Firstly, I’ll send my contribution, small as it may be, to the Defenders of Wildlife. Then I’ll get in touch with them and find out what they are doing and what else I can do.

You get the point, don’t you? If you are religious or spiritual, you might say this is your ‘divine purpose‘. If you are neither; then it can be an ultimate driving force, a challenge!

Undeniable Interconnectedness

Everyone deserve to live life fully. Where to begin? There are people who can help you meet the challenge of being the best possible steward to the planet you can be: to live with passion and fulfillment. No one life is more deserving than another…our interconnectedness is undeniable!

Coming From The Heart

When we know when to shift our focus; we are living consciously. Expression is an intricate process; thoughtful and intentional. Coming from the heart on a daily basis is a challenging and sometimes a fearful encounter. Living your purpose means coming from the heart every minute of every day.

Bon appetete!

About Gailstrail

Our intent on separating ourselves from nature has limited our vocabulary. Our lack of understanding of nature and our place within makes us deaf to the heartbeat of our world. The history of our ' self-based society explained by a YouTube video 'The Happiness Machine'; studies the influence Fraud and his Nephew Edward Bernays had in shaping our ' self-based society...which still prevails! In contrast, and left out of much of our history, ancient sages felt knowing thyself so important they chiseled 'Know Thyself' in stone over the mythical god Apollo's tomb. They believed: “Self-knowledge is all-encompassing. What is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales? It is the highest form of knowledge, surpassing all other knowledge. Self-knowledge is also timeless, which means that what is gained in one era, benefits all subsequent generations.” Knowing oneself has intricate beginnings. Time-consuming beginnings. Beginnings are a part of every living being; soil, water, air, and all we see. The connections are innate. Undeniable. Going beyond the name of a thing is the language of science. It is a language humans must learn to speak. Life in all forms is precious and necessary. We sustain each other in ways we do not fully understand. Humans are more than a workforce. We, each of us, are the stewards of our world and must educate ourselves accordingly. Education reform must be a priority. The mandatory curriculum must reflect stewardship of our communities, cities, states, countries, and the planet; at all levels in our educational institutions, never-ending and free. Appropriate time should be allowed for such intricate education. It must not be hurried. Making the language of science a mandatory part of our un-civilization will unlock the mystery which lies within each of us. Learning the language of science will answer that question that is always gnawing in our being, alluding to us and seems unanswerable. When we learn the language of science, we learn who we and the life around us are, how we connect, and our purpose. The world does not stand still. Neither must we. Change happens no matter what we do or do not do. We, humans, are fortunate. We have the ability and brilliance to direct some of these changes. What we do and do not do matters enormously! Manifesting Generator

9 thoughts on “Ineffable Hunger: Starving for Purpose

  1. Hi Gail,
    I have spent many hours contemplating the general lack of connectedness with plants and animals by most humans I am around. The malaize of ignorance makes for desions that are self serving, short sited, and no scope of the big picture that we are part of.
    In Buddhist thought, a hungry mind is dangerous. After getting what is wanted, something else now becomes a need, a desire. Eating more than you need is a compusion of the mind. Maybe some good mental hygeine is required. Being aware of our thoughts and words. Are they good for us and others? It is a place to start.

  2. Thank you Susan. I really appreciate you taking time to visit and make a comment. I so agree with your assessment; however, there is so much self struggling in the world, in some ways I understand how some feel too overwhelmed with just day to day living. On the other hand I feel our society has done an injustice by not making it possible for everyone to be a good steward.

  3. Gail,

    We are all starving for purpose. It seems you’ve found yours. When each of us can reach down deep and find something we are willing to live out loud for, then we are on purpose.
    Keep in mind though, for most of us, this needs to be a process, not a specific action, or around a specific group, person or cause.

    For you, you’ve found your purpose being a spokesperson for the wildlife, dogs and planet. And look at you. You’ve been loosing weight too.

  4. Gail, so this is what you’ve been up to…

    We are starving for a life of purpose and passion and when we don’t see (or even look for) a way of satisfying that hunger, then we end up mis-aligning ourselves with actions that couldn’t possible bring us fulfillment. The only way to peace on earth is through doing what you love, following your passions, and sharing your spiritual gifts with the world.

    As you are speaking out for what you want this world to look like, remember to feel the peace it brings you in your heart to be following this energy…. That peace will radiate out to others and bring about the result you are looking for in everyone being a steward of the planet…

    Never. NEVER underestimate the power of your voice! You are heard.

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