Education: Where Every Trail Begins

Where Every Trail Begins

Responsibility to our Community

is my ‘civic duty’; your ‘civic duty’. It is each person’s responsibility to understand the social, economic, cultural and environmental issues which face their community; and be involved at some level to meet those responsibilities. Casting a vote, is one single act of this responsibility…however, it must not end there! Government creates a foundation for our communities; people build the rest.

In the words of Anna Lord,  2008 candidate for Colorado State Representative.

“Colorado’s children need a first class higher education system. For many years, Colorado’s higher education system has been strip-mined of resources, leading to higher tuition rates and decreased financial aid. I will support the investment in our higher education system not only to protect the future of our children, but also to ensure the future prosperity of our economy.”

Unfortunately, Anna did not win the election.  I hope she will run again. She is an individual who will work towards putting Education in it’s proper priority!  And I promise to participate on some level to make sure I do my share in this enormous responsibility to our community.

Clear Direction

I like the direction Anna wants to take Colorado. Putting education at the forefront shows she understands the proper priority for our community and society as a whole.  All governments’ need to invest in the highest level of education for every individual. We need to shift our priorities; placing education at the top!

First Class Educational System

What do you think a first class education looks like? Not allowing everyone access to the highest level of education, builds a population of unfortunate. It has been societies habit to build on the backs of the unfortunate! What would our society look like if everyone had the highest level of education?

Natick Community Organic Farm, South Natick, MA, is an interesting example of how a suburb is, with the help of philanthropy keeping its rural values and heritage alive in educating its children. The Natick Community Organic Farm is a non-profit, certified organic farm providing productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education for all ages, year-round. The Farm has been committed to offering programs to schools to enhance classroom learning for over 20 years. This historic Farm, in the midst of a suburban landscape, provides a unique opportunity for local school children to connect with the abundant knowledge needed for producing the food that fuels us. All of our programs allow students the opportunity to participate in and observe activities that are part of a working, productive farm. Our programs bring classroom subjects to life, connecting learning with the wide ecological community of which we are all a part. The Farm is an exciting laboratory for understanding and appreciating our interconnected world.

Shifting our Priorities

The schools’ in Natick, MA have made Natick Community Organic Farm part of the schools’ curriculum. Shifting our priorities and establishing similar schools throughout the country would bring education to it’s rightful place. It’s not a pipe dream! Natick Community Organic Farm is making it happen, and have been doing so for some 20 years!  We can shift our priorities by putting people into office who will champion these kinds’ of causes…and by taking our share of responsibility along the way.

Intensity of Focus

Another example: one need only look at the success of one man’s ‘intensity of focus’. He worked with governments, politicians, presidents, industry and movie stars. His ability to control the masses and shape America’s social, cultural, economical and environmental development over the last century is unprecedented: Edward L. Bernays influenced the masses of the world for a century! His psychology is used today as a model for controlling the masses.

Responsible Human

What would our society look like if we had criteria for being a responsible human to the planet? Education, of course, at the top of the list! How many jobs could be created if this were so?  What would our environment look like? How much greater would our understanding of the interconnectedness of the world be? It is time for the Industrial Revolution to put on their breaks; mass production has had its share. Mindless consumerism is bankrupting the planet! Selling the nation on war is not a healthy solution to any circumstance. We can no longer afford our obsession with the acquisition of wealth. We need more green industry and green jobs. There are those who have no problem with the direction (global warming and species extinction) we are headed; it’s a natural occurrence in their eyes.  My image of the future is somewhat different. I believe in preservation and the importance of biodiversity on this planet. Wealth must take on a new image. Our new obsession: Healing life…in all its forms.  Making Education our nations top priority will develop our consciousness about the interconnectedness of the world and will stop our ‘cutting off our noses, despite our face’.

Practice makes Perfect

We need only put the same intensity of focus to a much greater goal: Organizing and planning steps that promote a sustainable world. The process begins at each of our doors; no matter how large are small those doors might be. Practice makes perfect: with all the century or so practice the government, corporations and industry has had controlling the masses, with Edward Bernays at the helm; shifting our priority to education should be a snap! Doing so will take education to a whole new level…which of course is disparately needed! Doing so would create an understanding and appreciating our interconnected world”.

Happy Educational Trails!

About Gailstrail

Our intent on separating ourselves from nature has limited our vocabulary. Our lack of understanding of nature and our place within makes us deaf to the heartbeat of our world. The history of our ' self-based society explained by a YouTube video 'The Happiness Machine'; studies the influence Fraud and his Nephew Edward Bernays had in shaping our ' self-based society...which still prevails! In contrast, and left out of much of our history, ancient sages felt knowing thyself so important they chiseled 'Know Thyself' in stone over the mythical god Apollo's tomb. They believed: “Self-knowledge is all-encompassing. What is learned on one scale of experience can be applied to all scales? It is the highest form of knowledge, surpassing all other knowledge. Self-knowledge is also timeless, which means that what is gained in one era, benefits all subsequent generations.” Knowing oneself has intricate beginnings. Time-consuming beginnings. Beginnings are a part of every living being; soil, water, air, and all we see. The connections are innate. Undeniable. Going beyond the name of a thing is the language of science. It is a language humans must learn to speak. Life in all forms is precious and necessary. We sustain each other in ways we do not fully understand. Humans are more than a workforce. We, each of us, are the stewards of our world and must educate ourselves accordingly. Education reform must be a priority. The mandatory curriculum must reflect stewardship of our communities, cities, states, countries, and the planet; at all levels in our educational institutions, never-ending and free. Appropriate time should be allowed for such intricate education. It must not be hurried. Making the language of science a mandatory part of our un-civilization will unlock the mystery which lies within each of us. Learning the language of science will answer that question that is always gnawing in our being, alluding to us and seems unanswerable. When we learn the language of science, we learn who we and the life around us are, how we connect, and our purpose. The world does not stand still. Neither must we. Change happens no matter what we do or do not do. We, humans, are fortunate. We have the ability and brilliance to direct some of these changes. What we do and do not do matters enormously! Manifesting Generator

4 thoughts on “Education: Where Every Trail Begins

  1. Gail,
    I agree, education is the cornerstone of a thriving Democracy. Harvard, Yale, Berkeley are wonderful schools. But we all do not need to go there to be educated participants in this western civilization. All we need are teachers who teach at the High School level how to think. How to question, reason, not be passive, explore, investigate, and use good logical, rational, and emperical methods to think things through and make sound decisions. So that students get it about the importance of being educated. So that we elect responsible representatives who are not on the take for example, and are forward thinking in their engergy and conservation policies. If we do that, we could have a majority of children who are prepared for college and elected representatives that understand and support affordable higher education. Nothing less than our survival depends on it. Great article!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post.

    My example of Harvard, Yale and Brown are a little over the top…however, the point being that every individual in our society needs access to a quality education; I might even go as far as a quality education for every individual should be mandatory. I believe if we don’t have similar knowledge, we can not address the huge responsibility to managing our lives and the planet appropriately.

    Yes, we need to create quality teachers; teachers who would teach students the importance of “How to question, reason, not be passive, explore, investigate, and use good logical, rational, and emperical methods to think things through and make sound decisions”

    The survival mode much of our country has been in for many decades has made it difficult for these unfortunate to know the importance of being educated. Hopefully the choices we make in this election will put responsible representatives in office. Ones who are not on the take and can put Education in it’s appropriate position.

    We so need a population who have equal knowledge and understand the tremendous responsibility we have to our communities; a population that understands that creating a sustainable environment will allow all life to thrive!

    Thanks again.

  3. Dear Gail,
    I havent read a more lucid way of realising our responsibilities to our community. DO you mind if I share them with readers on my blog and with two Yahoo groups I am a member of ? Elections are approaching in April and anyways we might as well start putting ourselves first.

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